Current Exercises


After being asked by a few people about what I do for a workout, I decided to put this piece together. I will try to update it occasionally to keep it current.  

In general, I weight lift two to three days a week at LA Fitness and attend a vinyasa yoga class twice a week at Corepower Yoga. I break up my weight lifting days into three categories: biceps and back, legs, and triceps and chest. I use a combination of weight machine and free weights. A legend is below for explanation of my abbreviations.

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer nor a doctor. If you want to use any of these workouts, please consult your doctor and maybe a personal trainer first.

Below is a breakdown of my exercises while I weight lift.

  1. Stretch

  2. Core Work (choose one for each section)

    1. Upper Abs

      1. Basic crunches

      2. Legs up the wall crunches

      3. Legs up the wall toe touches

    2. Oblique Abs

      1. Figure Four crunches

      2. Bicycle Crunches

      3. Rope climbers

      4. Side plank hip lifts

    3. Lower Abs

      1. Leg lifts

      2. Legs up the wall Hip lifts

      3. High Boat to Low Boat

    4. Adduction and Abduction leg lifts

    5. Side plank hip lifts

    6. Cobra lifts

  3. Warmup

    1. 50 jumping jacks (pull your shoulder blades back, extend arms and really focus on the movement)

    2. 50 body weight squats

    3. 50 calve raises

    4. 10 lunges (each leg)

    5. 10 One leg pelvic lifts (each side)

    6. 10 Yoga Kick Back (each leg)

    7. 10 Hydrant pose (each leg)

    8. 5 hip rotations each leg (like you’re stepping over a fence)

    9. 10 forward leg swings (each leg)

    10. 10 side leg swings (each leg)

    11. 10 arm circles, both directions, both sides

    12. 30 push ups (10 wide arm, 10 down dog, and 10 tricep)

  4. Weight Lifting Exercises (choose one of the following three days)

    1. Triceps and Chest

      1. Triceps Cable Pull-down

      2. Chest Press BB

      3. DB Shoulder Shrug

      4. Incline Chest Press BB

      5. BB Lying Triceps Extension (Nosebreakers)
      6. Chest dips (BW)

      7. DB Front Lateral Raise

      8. DB Lateral Raise

    2. Bicep and Back Day

      1. Back Hyperextensions and Side lifts (Roman Chair)

      2. Machine Assisted Pull Up

      3. DB Shoulder Press

      4. DB Arm Curls [normal/hammer/wide]

      5. Leverage Machine (Plate Machine) Row

      6. DB Concentration Bicep Curls

      7. Arnold Press

      8. Preacher Plate curls

    3. Leg Day

      1. BB Full Squats

      2. Leg Press

      3. Thigh Adduction

      4. Thigh Abduction

      5. Seated Calf Raise [15-25 reps; straight legs]

      6. BB Hip Thrusts

      7. Lying Leg curls

      8. Leg Extensions

  5. Stretch

  6. Sauna and Shower


  • Exercise Name (xx) = three sets of ten reps
  • BW = Bodyweight

  • DB = dumbbell

  • BB = barbell